Promote active and informed citizenship among young people in vulnerable situations.



Encourage reflection on democracy and decision making occuring during the European elections.



Promote values such as tolerance and solidarity between young people from different countries.




THREE WORLDS, ONE EUROPE: Acquiring active citizenship skills in creative and international workshops' main aim is to promote among a group of 40 young people in vulnerable situations, from 3 European countries (Spain, Italy and Germany) active and informed citizenship, and the use of the tools that the democratic system makes available to the public.


Work will be performed jointly by the participants and as a result of this cooperation there will be important outcomes - the "New Youth Times" Magazine, the "WIKIcracia" exchange platform and the international "A Space for Dialogue".


The project methodology is characterized by the recognition in the Europe nowadays, the recent history of these three European countries, and go forward, understanding the history and the consolidation of democracy using the possibilities that new technologies offer to us.


Participants will firstly internalize concepts and creatively apply them later, to finally understand the context around us and how to participate in it.

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