THREE WORLDS, ONE EUROPE is based on the stimulation of creativity and lateral thinking of the participants. To make that happen, a set of experiences were created to guide the participants in their path to understanding Europe.


Mirroring Europe

Mirroring Europe


Mirroring Europe is designed to make participants understand the contemporary history of XX century of the three European countries.


On The Road

On The Road


On the Road consists of 4x90 minute sessions aimed at giving the participants an understanding of some of the main European institutions and in doing that enable them to achieve a greater insight into the concept of the Eurpean Union and the work it does.


On the Road will allow students to travel to Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Maastricht by virtual tour and see the major European Institutions are situated and the type of important work they do which affect us all directly as European citizens.


european commission

The European Commission

european counsil

The European Council

european parliament

The European Parliament

european court

The European Court of Justice

Opinion Research

Opinion Research


This module is designed to make participants understand their Local Institutions, how election system works and to make them more active and sensitive about the European Elections in May 2014.


Using digital technique, video and photo we will work on this theme in a more attractive way to actively involve young people, in order to promote knowledge and work on topics important for them.

The main goals of this module are:

  • To make young people at risk of social exclusion know about the institutions at local, national and European level.
  • To promote active citizenship amongst young people at risk of social exclusion.
  • To increase their knowledge in TIC and its possibilities.


What do People know about the European Parliament Elections

Video Spanish Participants

Video German Participants

Video Italian Participants

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